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31:04The Human Benchmark Test is CRAZY
15:23My New Tattoo
My New TattooGanger 297 kDag siden
29:34Twitch Streamers Try Family Feud
Twitch Streamers Try Family FeudGanger 393 k7 dager siden
15:11Finding the Value of my Pokémon Collection
19:03Why Online Arcades are a Scam.
Why Online Arcades are a Scam.Ganger 470 k7 dager siden
16:53I Found the CRAZIEST Ludwig Viewer
I Found the CRAZIEST Ludwig ViewerGanger 384 k7 dager siden
17:52My New Best Friend.
My New Best Friend.Ganger 382 k7 dager siden
19:24My Arch Rival...
My Arch Rival...Ganger 418 k7 dager siden
20:01How Much Money I Made From the Subathon.
19:49Ludwig Reveals What He Did After the Subathon
28:05Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in Chess
Using Magnus Carlsen to CHEAT in ChessGanger 993 k14 dager siden
18:09The NEW Biggest Streamer on Twitch
The NEW Biggest Streamer on TwitchGanger 611 k14 dager siden
19:16The Dark Side of Sykkuno
The Dark Side of SykkunoGanger 318 k14 dager siden
16:22Ask Me Anything
Ask Me AnythingGanger 319 k14 dager siden
23:39The Truth About Ludwig...
The Truth About Ludwig...Ganger 418 k21 dag siden
28:14the entire history of ireland, i guess
14:54It's over.
It's over.Ganger 899 k21 dag siden
21:34The Greatest Comeback in Geoguessr History!
18:42The End of the Subathon
The End of the SubathonGanger 827 k21 dag siden


  • Wow imagine having LA as your initials. Lame

  • I've never heard someone actually say ticonderoga pencil

  • Whats the song that plays on the first minute of the video?

  • Yo after the subathon idk what happened but I don’t miss the old Ludwig anymore because he’s back

  • Ludwigs drawing ability makes Steve Wonders drawings look like bob ross 😂😂

  • This video would be drastically different if it weren’t for the food being cold by the time they get to it

  • i got up to 22 on the chimp test

  • Some of them are good and smart, others are the worst logic I’ve ever seen in my life. Lud is the man.

  • His arms actually got swole from all the mashing

  • Ludwig when they got it right: “how did you get that that is so bad” Ludwig when they get it wrong: “how did you guys not get that you guys are literally dumb”

  • damn, talk about a tax cut

  • he did one and got 6 foam condesers for his mic but still nasty get a 2# lint roller :)

  • A lot of people saying they're not racist...

  • Hi twitch chat

  • I really wanna see valkyrae do this I feel like shed be a goat

  • Nathan got $500 for calling Miz fat

  • Really happy polite and Ludwig are still close

  • * silently sends this to my friend who's slowly becoming a toxic Dream stan *

  • hi twitch

  • Wow i can't believe he predicted Godzilla vs king kong a year and a half early. What a man

  • I have falling into your majestic, beautiful eyes

  • we need more views on this! Of course the first video was better, but this is still great

  • $5000 Dollars worth of subs? Wasn’t it $500? So you were at the risk of losing a $1000 not $10000 right? Am I wrong? The screen showed $499.00 when he was paying.

  • Name something you wish you had more control over "TV" You telling me you dont have a Remote CONTROL

  • Stimpees a legend

  • slime looks and sounds like young vsauce


  • Intro song is Popcorn Castle

  • what's the song at 8:20?

  • Sometimes I don't watch a Ludwig video because I don't know what the fuck it is and the thumbnail tells me nothing. Ludwigs thumbo's ain't the hottest.

  • ludwigs channel is a male supremacist community

  • Ludwigs thumbnail, bs. It has 3 subs, he said 1K to 100K

  • You are a genius

  • 0:39 little does he know

  • Ludwig: do you know the key Polite: ahem Ahem EHHH AHEM ITS tiKTok TiMe

  • Ayyyeee Apple Music gang

  • You can't just walk into a Walmart and get a gun...

  • "It takes to be a master at the craft".... *takes drink and spills water on himself*

  • tools in the chat. Ludwig is a boss

  • Hi chat

  • "Mountain" Kekw

  • i tried this test,for the purpose of flexing my 130 words per minute typing speed,and i swear to god i felt so stupid when it gave me 70,i have no idea why,but i cannot type at all on this.

  • what the fuck is that gif at the end i need to know

  • You talked about stealing for half the video

  • Hi Twitch

  • 5:14 loooool that's slovenian i never expected to see that in luds video hahah .. It says what is the best store

  • Oh shit I thought this was an alpha gaming video for a sec

  • homie wil just return them afterwards

  • i got 51 ms

  • 26:00

  • deos he still say weebs gtfo? or is he down with anime now? besides nami obviously!

  • it is getting hard too decipher if his narcissism is real or not

  • I'm a master of youtube....with less than 2 mil subs...

  • The real ones were there when he made the thumbnail

  • Tommy hearing he is the funniest on the dream smp Tommy: I am god

  • good for klevin for having a checkmark while being on 3 subs

  • Is qt pregnant since you told her to spit out the vodka? :o

  • Ludwig reacts to Unusual Memes that make you laugh and cry or Ludwig confesses to every petty theft he ever committed

  • 💜

  • Ludwig: "we could still do some other stuff" Game: "It's-a me, Mario!"

  • Hi twitch chat

  • This is adorable!

  • It's crazy how Ludwig and his boys can spend half a million on Pokemon cards when my entire house full furnished cost 300k


  • More than half of these should’ve been one punch man scenes

  • you gotta 59% markup that sh**(=

  • no younger people are absolutely better at games

  • That expensive cheddar must be garbage if all of them got it wrong


  • the gay one was fucking hilarious

  • 12:11 suffering from success

  • Ludwig just made a winnie the pooh game far more interesting than an actual baseball game

  • Rizzo quit being a pro ;-;

  • Hi Twitch!

  • Incredibly indecipherable

  • Russian mr beast follows ludwigs advice

  • How is Ludwig older than my mother?

  • Does Ludwig not understand that the joke is Windows stock went down so he's denting the cans because he's losing money

  • To all the people saying Utah and BYU in the chat I want you to know that you're 100% right, BYU is like the whitest place on the planet, and insufferably Mormon too.

  • hes a ludgend